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Director Of Marketing Cover Letter Sample

A director of marketing cover letter sample is a great tool to turn to when looking for a job in sales and marketing. The example here can serve as an exemplary template for your own cover letter. Be sure to mention your experience and training as it applies to the open position. Directors of marketing cover letters should display specific details to show your qualifications and interest.

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Lois Pettigrew
9872 Lotus Avenue
Any Village, USA 33333
Home: (555) 555-5555
Cell: (555) 555-1234
[email protected]

July 11, 20--

Mr. Lance Flowers
Hiring Manager
Bradbury Custom Publishing Group
70 High Street
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Flowers:

As I scanned the Internet today looking for new employment, I saw your listing on for two directors of marketing for two of your facilities. I knew I wanted to contact you immediately. I had three years of experience at my previous place of employment––Billingsley Enterprises––and I'm pleased to state that I left the company with an outstanding reference—listed on my resume. Communication and organization skills, an ability to lead and direct employees in a manner that supports them and adds to the integrity of the company as well as the reputation of products, is what I am best known for.

When I write cover letters I make sure to include my loyalty to the company as well as to my fellow employees and managers. I would welcome meeting you in person to discuss the job and how I can fill one of these positions to your satisfaction. Feel free to call me on my cell phone: (555) 555-1234 to set up an interview at a time that works for you. Thank you again for reading my cover letter and for considering my qualifications.


Lois Pettigrew