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Account Executive Cover Letter Sample

An account executive cover letter sample is useful when you want to write a letter of your own for an executive position. The following example illustrates how to communicate your experience and training so you will be an attractive candidate for the job. Account executive cover letters should display specific details to show your availability, interest, and qualifications.

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Question #1

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Roberta Jamison
670 Mountain View Circle
Any Village, USA 33333
Home: (555) 555-5555
Cell: (555) 555-1234
[email protected]

August 30, 20--

Mr. Charles O'Brien
Hiring Manager
Harvest Food Company
78 Eastern Avenue
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. O'Brien:

When I saw your listing for account executives on I decided to contact you immediately. I'd like very much to fill one of those openings since this is an area of business I am most familiar with and qualified for. In my previous line of employment I worked closely with management, handling new customer accounts. I am a reliable employee, work well with others, and take the initiative when I see a problem that needs resolution. I am also a detail-oriented worker that you can depend upon.

Writing cover letters has give me an opportunity to focus on my strengths and determine exactly how I can contribute to the company. I hope you will consider what I have to offer.

Are you available to meet in person to talk about the job and how I can fill the position to your satisfaction? Please call me on my cell phone: (555) 555-1234 to set up an interview. I can come at a time that works for you. Thank you again for reading my cover letter and for considering me for the job.


Roberta Jamison