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Interactive Marketing Specialist Cover Letter Sample

An interactive marketing specialist cover letter sample will help you create your own letter when responding to a job calling for someone with experience to support a company with creative marketing strategies. Interactive marketing specialist cover letters should indicate your knowledge and experience in this area of business.

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Roger Hathaway
534 Wilson Street
Any Village, USA 33333
[email protected]

Sept. 3, 20--

Mr. Larry Gelson
Hiring Manager
Allred Clothing and Accessories
890 Roscoe Street
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Gelson:

Your post this week on indicated that you're looking to hire an interactive marketing specialist to create supportive strategies for marketing promotions, online advertising, and interactive graphics for your clothing company.

I've had five years of employment in this line of work for Crosstalk Communications Company on the East Coast, and would welcome being one of the qualified professionals you meet with to discuss your expectations and terms of employment at Allred.

I know you will receive many cover letters from interested job seekers but I hope you will consider me before making your final selection. If so, please call me on my cell phone, 888-888-8888, to select a time and date to meet that is agreeable to you.

Thank you for taking time to read my cover letter and enclosed resume, which will provide further details.


Roger Hathaway