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Animator Cover Letter Sample

An animator cover letter sample shows you how to respond in writing to a job post for a person looking for work drawing and animating characters for a film or television show. Animator cover letters should indicate your interest in such artistic work and your experience achieving the director's goals.

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Ben Mayhew
902 Parker Street
Any Town, USA 33333
[email protected]

August 18, 20--

Mr. Greg Johnson
Hiring Manager
DreamTeam Animation Company
300 Filmland Blvd.
Film Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Johnson:

After reading on your ad asking experienced animators to contact you regarding openings for such professionals at your company, I decided to write to you immediately. I am most interested in being considered for one of these jobs. I did this work with great success for six years with Allen Animation Company before the firm relocated across country.

Right now I'm eager to find similar work with a new company so I believe I'd be a good fit for one of the positions you intend to fill. Please see my attached resume for more details about the kind of animation I've done and the success the company enjoyed with the resulting films.

I'm available for an interview weekday afternoons after 2:00 if you'd like to get together and find out more about what I can bring to your company. Please call me on my cell phone, 888-888-8888, to arrange a time and I will respond right away. Thank you ahead of time for considering me and for reading my cover letter among the many cover letters you are likely to receive. I hope to meet with you soon.


Ben Mayhew