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Software Developer Cover Letter Sample

A software developer cover letter sample shows you how to respond in writing to an ad for a job that requires an employee to create and troubleshoot software applications. Software developer cover letters should indicate your knowledge and experience in this field.

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Gregory Hansen
967 Rosemead Avenue
Big City, USA 33333
[email protected]

August 11, 20--

Mr. Bill Hirt
Hiring Manager
Cranston Investment Services
945 Benson Road
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Hirt:

This week on you listed a variety of openings in your company. I'm most interested in those for software developers. I have had seven years of experience at Bigelow Corporation putting together code for applications being created as well as fixing code in software that may need troubleshooting.

I can imagine you'll receive many cover letters for these jobs. I do hope, however, that you'll find my credentials worth discussing further and invite me to your office for an in-person interview.

For more information about me and the results I’ve achieved in my previous employment as a software developer, please see my enclosed resume.

I'd welcome hearing from you on my cell phone: 888-888-8888 if you wish to meet in person. Thank you for taking a look at my cover letter and resume. I look forward eagerly to hearing from you soon.


Gregory Hansen